removal of arch/ppc in 2.6.27?

Grant Likely grant.likely at
Sun Apr 20 02:27:07 EST 2008

On Sat, Apr 19, 2008 at 9:30 AM, Kumar Gala <galak at> wrote:
> This is intended as a reminder that we plan on getting rid of arch/ppc this
> summer.  I'm guessing based on kernel release times that will be 2.6.27.
> That would mean 2.6.26 will be the last kernel to support arch/ppc.
>  If people have boards that like ported over please let us know and work
> with us to port this over to arch/powerpc.
>  Here is a list based on arch/ppc/platforms.  Its not intended to be
> complete but a general idea of what's left in arch/ppc.

>  LITE5200        52xx

This is in arch/powerpc

>  XILINX_ML300    40x
>  XILINX_ML403    40x

These are also supported in arch/powerpc; we just don't have .dts
files for the reference designs merged yet.


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