removal of arch/ppc in 2.6.27?

Kumar Gala galak at
Sun Apr 20 01:30:10 EST 2008

This is intended as a reminder that we plan on getting rid of arch/ppc  
this summer.  I'm guessing based on kernel release times that will be  
2.6.27.  That would mean 2.6.26 will be the last kernel to support  

If people have boards that like ported over please let us know and  
work with us to port this over to arch/powerpc.

Here is a list based on arch/ppc/platforms.  Its not intended to be  
complete but a general idea of what's left in arch/ppc.

PPC_PREP        e6xx
PQ2ADS          82xx            in arch/powerpc?
TQM8260         82xx
CPCI690         e6xx/mv64x60
EV64260         e6xx/mv64x60
CHESTNUT        e6xx/mv64x60
LOPEC           e6xx
KATANA          e6xx/mv64x60
HDPU            e6xx/mv64x60
MVME5100        e6xx
PAL4            e6xx
POWERPMC250     e6xx
PPLUS           e6xx
PRPMC750        e6xx
PRPMC800        e6xx
SANDPOINT       e6xx
SBC82xx         82xx
SPRUCE          e6xx
LITE5200        52xx
EV64360         e6xx/mv64x60
MPC86XADS       8xx             in arch/powerpc
MPC885ADS       8xx             in arch/powerpc
ADS8272         82xx            in arch/powerpc

BAMBOO          44x             in arch/powerpc
CPCI405         40x
EBONY           44x             in arch/powerpc
EP405           40x             in arch/powerpc
BUBINGA         40x
LUAN            44x
YUCCA           44x
OCOTEA          44x
REDWOOD_5       40x
REDWOOD_6       40x
SYCAMORE        40x
TAISHAN         44x             in arch/powerpc
WALNUT          40x             in arch/powerpc
XILINX_ML300    40x
XILINX_ML403    40x

- k

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