Kernel 2.6.23 Error with make bzImage

Sam Karp sam.d.karp at
Tue Apr 8 08:36:09 EST 2008

I've been trying to build the linux 2.6.23 kernel for the PPC405 on the
xilinx ml403.  I copied over my xparameters.h and xparameters_ml40x.h files
and added the following options through menuconfig.
Enable loadable module support: DISABLE

   - Type 40x
   - Math emulation: ENABLE
   - IBM 40x options:
      - Machine Type: "Xilinx-ML403"

Platform options:

   - Kernel command line: "console=ttyUL0 root=/dev/ram"

Bus options:

   - PCI support: DISABLE
   - PCCARD (PCMCIA/CardBus) support:
      - PCCARD (PCMCIA/CardBus) support: DISABLE


   - Block Devices:
      - Xilinx SystemACE support: ENABLE
   - Character devices:
      - Serial drivers:
         - Xilinx uartlite serial port support: ENABLE
         - Support for console on Xilinx uartlite serial port:

I then ran make bzImage and got the following errors.  I'm guessing there
are two options I chose that conflict.  Any insight?

 CC arch/powerpc/kernel/swsusp.o
arch/powerpc/kernel/swsusp.c 19 error: redefinition of
include/asm/suspend.h 7  : previous definition of 'save_processor_state' was
 arch/powerpc/kernel/swsusp.c 35 error: redefinition of
include/asm/suspend.h 11  : previous definition of 'restore_processor_state'
was here

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