Device tree and external RTC

Bruce_Leonard at Bruce_Leonard at
Thu Oct 4 09:15:39 EST 2007 at wrote on 10/03/2007 
02:00:49 PM:

> Hi all,
> I'm seriously confused by how things are supposed to work now with 
> trees on the PowerPC arch.  I'm bringing up our custom HW which is 

<HUGE snip>

Follow up:

Okay, I figured out that I was indeed reading the clock (should have been 
using date command rather than hwclock command), so sorry for the noise. 
So what is is that hwclock is trying to do that it's unhappy about?

I still think I've got a valid question about the device tree.  Isn't the 
purpose of the device tree to completely describe the HW to the kernel? 
Shouldn't I be able to add a child node to the i2c node describing the 
M41T00 RTC and have the kernel figure out that there's an RTC hanging off 
the I2C bus?  Or am I completely off base here?


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