Interrupts on xilinx ml403

Mirek23 miroslaw.dach at
Fri Jul 20 23:52:12 EST 2007

Dear All,

      I use linux kernel 2.6 on ppc405 of my Avnet (xilinx like ml403)
evaluation board.

I have setup the virtex-4 FPGA to deal with Themac and Serial interfaces. As
input/output devices I have chosen 8 LEDs and DIP Switches.

With such a configuration I am able to control from Linux user applications
via GPIO driver the LEDs and DIP Switches.

Right now I just wanted to make use of the interrupts. I have configured the
Dip switches to use interrupt. The interrupt accoures when the DIP Switches
state has changed.

In the BSP generated by EDK 9.1 I see that macro :   


has changed from zero to one.
The macro XPAR_INTC_MAX_NUM_INTR_INPUTS is set to 1 as it was before. This
is due to the fact that 
TEMAC uses one interrupt line.

Does it mean that DIP Switches do not use INTC interrupt controller?
How to handle the DIP Switches interrupt?
Does the Interrupt handler routine have to acknowledge the interrupt from
Dip Switches?

Many thanks in advance for any hint on that.

Best Regards


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