about FCC of MPC8270

Matvejchikov Ilya matvejchikov at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:42:26 EST 2007


Do you use CPM_FCC_SPECIAL_BASE constant? (include/asm-ppc/cpm2.h)
In my case (8250, 8260) FCCs only works when it is set to 0x3000...

2007/7/4, li.chunlin at zte.com.cn <li.chunlin at zte.com.cn>:
> hello, every one
>    I have a board with mpc8270. And there are two ethernet interface by fcc1
> and fcc2. Now in linux kernel 2.6.14 fcc1 is ok, but fcc2 is some wrong. I
> set loopback of fcc2 or rmii. that's ok. But i set loopback in phy, it is
> wrong. But fcc2 is ok in u-boot.
> I take a look with oscillograph. i find that there is signal from fcc2 to
> phy and there is signal from phy to fcc2 in data pins. But fcc2 cannot
> receive data and fcc2 can send data.
> who know the reason? Can you tell me?
> thanks.
> lichunlin

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