OF devices and non OF devices

Kári Davíðsson kari.davidsson at marel.is
Wed Jul 4 00:54:20 EST 2007


I am attempting to get some non OF devices working for an mpc 5200 board, in particular 
PCF8563 RTC.

This device has an non OF device interface which I believe is correct. After all it should work
on non OF platforms.

I have managed to get the board to run the i2c initialization (and probe) for the fsl-mpc i2c driver by
converting the fsl-mpc i2c driver to OF driver (I found some patch here that I based this work on).

Since the PCF8563 driver is not OF driver only its initaliziation code is run but the .probe function
of the driver is never run. Basically (as far as I can understand) the .probe is never run because the
driver is not an OF driver.

I could convert the PCF8563 driver to OF driver and make it work for our puposes but I feel this is
1) Wrong
2) therefore wasted work.

What seems to elude me is some glue that glues together the OF part of the driver space to the non OF part
of the driver space.

Any hints or pointers on where to find this glue?


P.S. Kernel is post 2.6.20.

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