NFS mounting problem in mpc860 based board

Barisa kisku b_kisku at
Tue Jul 3 21:23:25 EST 2007


I have ported u-boot 1.1.6 in a custom board based on
mpc860.using "tftpboot" command Linux kernel uImage is
downloaded.And it was run with "bootm" command and
controls are transfered to linux properly.

While kernel is mounting root file system through nfs
it is not able to send the message properly.By
observing through "Ethereal" at server machine, no ARP
message is reaching.

Print coming in console of embedded system is:
portmap: "Unable to get port number for  nfsd of

But i am able to mount the file system in the given
server from other machine in the LAN.

Again by looking at the status of the BDs it seems
that the ethernet driver is sending message properly
to the LAN.

If anybody has come across this type of problem,
please help me in debugging.

Thanks in advance.

Barisa Kisku

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