JTAG emulator for MPC8548E (v2)

Frank frannk_m1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 09:02:52 EST 2007

--- Eugene Surovegin <ebs at ebshome.net> wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 24, 2007 at 08:57:19AM +0100, Laurent Pinchart
> wrote:
> > The new unit works *mostly* fine. No debugging issue (not
> that I use it that 
> > much anyway, now that the board boots Linux), but still a
> flash programming 
> > issue. Programming the target parallel NOR flash works in
> slow JTAG mode, but 
> > not in faster mode using the internal workspace. I reported
> the problem 
> > several months ago and still haven't received any solution.
> Most likely problem isn't in BDI but in your setup. Depending
> on 
> the particular chip model, to be able use workspace you must
> have 
> initialized memory first. In fact, I'm pretty sure you haven't
> configured chip correctly to make workspace usable. I've been
> using 
> BDI with various PowerPC and MIPS SoCs for many years. It's an
> excellent 
> tool, you just have to use it correctly.
> -- 
> Eugene
I totally agree. I have also been using the BDI 2000 for several
years on PPC,ARM,MIPS and Xscale and have never had a problem.

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