Who's the maintainer for the freescale MPC8349ITX board?

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Jan 23 08:05:34 EST 2007

> > '/cpus/PowerPC,8349 at 0/timebase-frequency' as what it's searching for, but 
> > what ft_get_prop() finds is 
> > '///cpus//cpus/PowerPC,8349 at 0/timebase-frequency', which of course doesn't 
> > match, so it returns NULL to ft_setup() and the 'timebase-frequency' never 
> > gets updated before being passed to the kernel.
> This sounds like a generic bug in the U-Boot OF code, but I'll check it out. 
> The DTS for the 8349ITX is defined just like the other DTSes.

Reminds me we should really look into writing, one of these days, both
for uboot, the zImage wrapper, and the kernel itself, a smarter OF path
parser that can

 - ignore spurrious /
 - handle relative path from a given node
 - handles getting passed the name without the unit address (the @ part)
   when non-ambiguous (when ambiguous, returns one of the nodes matching
   with no guarantee of which one)
 - handles getting passed the unit address without the name

That would make usage of path for "fixing up" properties or looking up
properties easier in many cases.

Any volunteer ? :-)


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