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Hello all:

I would like to understand if there is a way to program the PCI interrupt pin register of MPC8540. I did look for this in the datasheet, but couldn't find any positive answer.

Currently, I am working in a set-up where MPC8540 is an agent, plugged into the PC host. 
I couldn't get an IRQ for the card when plugged in some PCI slots, whereas in one of the slots I do see a non-zero value.

It would be great if you could help me understand the issue.

I am sorry if the question is inapporpriate in the group. I am desperate to solve the issue.

Thanks for any help.

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> Hi Kumar,
> Actually I do many trials about it. Vxwerks Bootrom is smaller than
> U-Boot. The key difference between Bootrom and U-boot is that some
> source code of Bootrom is invisible to the users.
> Actually the rfi instruction which I point out is the first rfi
> instruction of Linux PowerPC bringup.
> Before that, it's TLB entry invalidation and temp TLB entry mapping.
> I check MMU setting carefully before coming Linux Kernel.
> I just want to know if other guys met similar scenario like me. I  
> don't
> need the precise answer, just overall suggestion about it because I
> understand that not everyone has the same bootloader of mine, that
> bootloader is actually a customized bootloader.

I understand that, thus I was asking what exact problem you were  
seeing to try and help.

> Anyway thank you.
> R9 point to LR register, mask the high 20 bit of r9 and send to r7,  
> and
> then add 24, which means stride 6 instructions for rfi instruction
> execution.
> Of course, rfi can switch the TLB entry, both the previous TLB  
> entry and
> the temp TLB entry point to the same physical address.
> I've checked it.

I know what the code does, I wrote it :)

- kumar

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