flash problem in a LITE5200B

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Jan 16 08:30:00 EST 2007

In message <3184691b0701150249g55d2472ax583acca96f0efb30 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I work with a Freescale LITE5200B, but I have a problem, when I download a
> rootfs image to a flash memory in the board, hi have one error:

You don't provide much information (like which software you use to do
the copying - U-Boot, Linux, ... ?), but let me guess...

> => Copy To Flash ............. Outside available Flash
> The size of the image is of 3285336 bytes, but the flash memory capacity is
> 32 MBytes, and I load the image in the first sector on the flash memory.

Let me guess: you do this in U-Boot, and forget

* that U-Boot commands take are usually interpreted in hex, i. e.  if
  you  enter  a byte count of '3285336' than this is 52974390 decimal
  or 50+ MB which definitely *is* outside the available flash


* that the U-Boot "cp" command operates on 32 bit words (= 4  bytes),
  so when you want to specify a byte count you have to use the "cp.b"
  variant of this command

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