how to build cross-compiling toolchains for PowerPC?

Igor Luri iluri at
Tue Jan 9 18:58:34 EST 2007

We use uclibc instead glibc, it is smaller.

We use buildroot to build the cross-toolchain

and the following versions of binutils, gcc etc.:

Denx linux kernel 2.4.25
u-boot 1.1.6
gcc 3.3.6
linux-libc-headers 2.4.29
uClibc 0.9.27
gdb 6.3

I hope this helps.

Kelsey Dawes wrote:

>On Mon, Jan 08, 2007 at 10:06:24AM +0800, onetarget at wrote:
>Dear all
>    I want to build a complete cross-compiling
>toolchains for PowerPC, the kernel I want to build is linux-2.4.25, the
>host is FC4's PC, and I also want to use glibc-2.3.6, so with all
>above, which gcc, glibc,binutils should I use? And what is the step
>should I do?
>    Thank you all and best regards,
>    W.Target
>    Jan-8-2007
>Haven't played with any of your specific requirements as noted  above; however in the past, I've had good luck using Dan Kegel's crosstool software
>It does require a bit of trial and error to get right.
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