ppcboot and powerpc branch question

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This question does pertain to the thread in question, but..

I am currently using your ELDK 4.1 Uclibc and have written various
scripts that allow it to be used with buildroot makefiles. Are you going
to releasing a newer version anytime soon?

Chris P.

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you wrote:
> instead of bd_t struct. I'm a bit disappointed because i also see that
> older u-boot (in my case
> ppcboot 1.1.5) aren't capable to pass dts to kernel.

PPCBoot was a in a distant  past  before  U-Boot.  Actually,  PPCBoot
1.1.5 is more than 5 and a half years old. You cannot really expect a
Neanderthal man to drive a space shuttle.

> Is there a way to keep my old bootloader to boot a powerpc branch
kernel ?

No. Please use a current U-Boot (i. e. at least U-Boot 1.3.0).

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