Semaphores in eldk4.1

Stuart Hodgson stuart at
Sat Dec 1 03:33:30 EST 2007


I have been suing the eldk4.1 tool chain for a few months now and have 
not not encountered any problems with building until now. I build for 
two slightly different archs, ppc_85xx and ppx_82xx.

The problem I have come up against is related to some of the semaphore 
functions in semaphore.h, namely sem_wait, sem_post. This was originally 
noticed in a third party driver I am porting from one board to another 
but a small test program has shown the same results.

Calls to these functions on the ppc_82xx platform return -1 with an 
error code of 38, in this case meaning  ENOSYS (not implemented). On the 
ppc_85xx the same program executes fine, thus I conclude that it is 
specific to the libc-2.3.5 for ppc_82xx. Has anyone else come across 
this problem, I did find one thread but there was no conclusion listed.

I also can not find anything stating that these functions are not 
implemented for the 82xx arch compared with others for the eldk4.1



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