ppc_8xx-gcc from eldk strange behaviour

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Aug 30 09:28:00 EST 2007

In message <F1F6EC0C8B75034F9E3A79FC85122E8EA185B5 at aquib01a> you wrote:
> > C does not specify the signedness of char.  If you care, you need to
> > explicitly specify.
> Sorry, I didn't know this. Anyway I would expect the same behaviour from
> both host gcc and ppc_8xx-gcc. In this case host gcc is wrong. 

No, it is not wrong.  The  behaviour  is  just  not  defined  by  the
standard,  so  the compiler is free to do what he likes. Some systems
default to singend chars,  others  to  unsigned.  Both  is  perfectly

It is code that makes any such assumptions which is broken.

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