STK5200 pci_enable_device problem

Oliver Rutsch orutsch at
Wed Aug 29 22:52:53 EST 2007


> Probably it does not hang, but you just don't see any console output.
> Eventually  you  just  forgot  to  set  the  correct  console  device
> (/dev/ttyPSC0) or console speed.

I checked this. I think the TQM5200 is really hanging after the ...OK 
because I have activated the telnet server and normally I'm able to 
connect to the device after booting via ethernet. No ping, no telnet. 
With an older kernel this was O.K.

> Also, you need a recent version of U-Boot (for  example  99c2fdab  or
> later).

I'm using U-Boot 1.2.0-gbc2b9c33-dirty (Feb 22 2007 - 09:53:14). Is that 
recent enough? (I don't know exactly what you mean with "99c2fdab", is 
this the second number after "1.2.0-"?)
> Try something like this:
> => tftp 200000 /tftpboot/tqm5200/uImage
> => tftp 400000 /tftpboot/tqm5200/tqm5200.dtb

Maybe the problem is the missing tqm5200.dtb file. I have booted the 
kernel without it (just bootm 200000). Does the kernel need this file? I 
found a tqm5200.dts file the the kernel sources, but the device tree 
compiler (dtc) seems not to be in the 4.1 ELDK. Do I have to install 
this compiler and build the appropriate dtb file?

> Please note that the device tree we have at the  moment  is  for  the
> TQM5200 only and does not include support for the TQM5200S.
> But probably you just had the same problem - missing or  bad  console
> device specification.

In older kernels it was O.K. just to uncheck the SM501 drivers in the 
kernel configuration. Has this changed?

Thanks and bye,

Dipl. Ing. Oliver Rutsch

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