Problems on porting linux 2.6 to xilinx ML410

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Thank you very much for your help!I think there may be somthing wrong with my kernel command  line.


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On 8/23/07, woyuzhilei  <woyuzhilei at > wrote:
> Hey:
>     Recently I'm doing some project on Xilinx Ml410 evaluation board.The
> first step is porting linux 2.6 to ml410,but I got some problems on this,and
> my project cann't proceed,so I come to you for some help.
>     I use the linux kernel source tree download from
>  (The
> latest one).Add the file the xparameters.h,xparameter_ml40x.h.  Then add
> arch/ppc/platforms/4xx/xilinx_generic_ppc.c(Use the patch I
> get here),and change it's name to ml40x.c,then I make some necessay change
> of the configuration files to accept selecting a Ml40x type board.

You shouldn't need to do all of this; only the xparameters_ml40x.h
file is needed.  To get started, I'd just use replace
xparameters_ml403.h with your custom xparameters_ml40x.h and use the
ml403 board port.  Once you've got it booting, you can get more fancy.

> Then
> compile the kernel,and get the image file from arch/ppc/boot/images, (On
> kernel compiling,the only device driver  I sellect is " 8250/16550 and
> compatible serial support ").After that  I download the zImage.elf file to
> the target board,and run it.But there is no output from the serial port at
> all.Am I doing somthing wrong?I really don't know goes wrong.
>     Can anyone here help me with this?Any help from you is appreciated.Thank
> you very much!

Make sure you've got 16550 console support enabled and
'console=/dev/ttyS0' in your kernel command line.


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