Driver for device behind a PCI-VME bridge

Konstantin Boyanov kkboyanov at
Mon Aug 20 18:40:03 EST 2007

Hi list,

I'm currently reading the LDD 3rd Edition and trying to create a device
driver for a custom device located on VME bus. I have already linux
2.6.15running on the master board, as well as the device driver for
bridge. The main problem I have is understanding how to "attach" my driver
for the custom device to the bridge device driver.
The bridge device driver is implemented as a class, i.e. doesn't define a
new bus type. Should I define a new class for my driver, or should I connect
it somehow to the existing one (maybe by something as "subclass")?
All I want to do is to redirect I/O reads and writes to the VME bus, but I
got no clue as to how to use the existing VME bridge driver for this
purpose. After I get through this I think all other things (VME interrupt
registration & handling, etc.) will be straightforward.
The LDD 3rd book states that defining a new bus type is the last thing one
would like to do, instead defining a class is far better approach. Why is

Any recommendations and sharing of practical experience are highly

Best Regards,
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