System crash on boot_e500.S on 2.4Kernel

Andy Fleming afleming at
Thu Aug 16 11:16:44 EST 2007

On Aug 15, 2007, at 17:46, mike zheng wrote:

> Hi Andy,
> Here is BDI output of the register value after line 212. The value  
> of R6, R7 is 0x20, 0x160. However the value of SRR0(SPR26), SRR1 
> (SPR27) is 0xfff81300 and 0x00001000. Why are they different from  
> r7 and r6? We just did the mtspr, the value should be the same. The  
> rfi jump to 0xfff81300 is because of the value in SRR0.

Yes, it's very strange.  But it's also pretty much impossible for the  
mtspr to just fail like that.  A more likely scenario is that the BDI  
is getting bad information.  Could you take a look at your IVORs?   
I'm very curious to see if fff81300 is an interrupt vector.


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