[PATCH] [UPDATED] tsec: Allow Ten Bit Interface to be configurable

Andy Fleming afleming at freescale.com
Wed Aug 15 07:29:57 EST 2007

On Aug 14, 2007, at 16:01, Joe Hamman wrote:

> Hi Andy,
>> I still think it should just be a property of the ethernet node.  We
>> aren't describing the TBI, we're describing a setting for the
>> ethernet controller's register.
> Like this?  Do we need to have one for each ethernet at xxxxxx?

Scott and I have been talking, and right now it seems like a better  
idea might be to have the TBI address get assigned dynamically, based  
on where PHYs aren't.

It's non-trivial to do (though not difficult), but this way we won't  
have to regret creating a bad interface.  You just need to look at  
the mdio bus, and find out which addresses responded.  Then you  
create a variable in the gfar_private structure to hold what it gets  
set to, and make sure that gfar_configure_serdes uses that value  
instead of the TBIPA constant.


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