System crash on boot_e500.S on 2.4Kernel

mike zheng mail4mz at
Wed Aug 15 06:21:58 EST 2007

  Hi All,

I am trying to bring up MPC8548 CDS board on 2.4 kernel. I have problem in
the head_e500.S. The "mtspr SRR0, r7; mtspr SRR1 r6" does not work for me.
The content of R7 and R6 are not moved to SRR0 and SRR1.  I am using the
tool-chain from Freescale for 2.6 kernel.

Any idea on this issue?



Code of head_e500.S:

      slwi  r6,r6,5      /* setup new context with other address space */
      bl    1f          /* Find our address */
1:    mflr  r9
      rlwimi      r7,r9,0,20,31
      addi  r7,r7,24
      mtspr SRR0,r7           ........No change in SRR0
      mtspr SRR1,r6           ........No change in SRR1
      rfi                     ........System crash

/* 4. Clear out PIDs & Search info */      l
      li    r6,0
      mtspr SPRN_PID0,r6
      mtspr SPRN_PID1,r6
      mtspr SPRN_PID2,r6
      mtspr SPRN_MAS6,r6
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