Bestcomm Firmware update

Frank Bennett bennett78 at
Tue Aug 14 12:10:18 EST 2007

   I wrote the disassembler below but never was able to get MPC5200/I2S 
DMA running. Hope you can further BestComm code....

Copy of Posting 3/30/2006:

BestComm Dudes:

   I was able to contact Davide Santo, AN2604 "Introduction to BestComm".
He admitted the short commings of his document in the area of Firmware 
instruction info and gave me a name of a guy, Ed.Nuckolls at 
in the ASIC design area in Austin.  Ed has agreed to answer questions, 
push for resources to provide a support tool and provided me with a 
document from their head programmer "SmartDMA Hand-Assembly Guides" (see 
attached pdf).

With this secret decoded ring I was able to put together a disassembler,
see attached disasm.c. Cut and paste your favorite Task into fw[] array 
at the beginning, "cc -o d disasm.c ; d"  It's not perfect, but useful- 

If we can formulate a list of questions Ed might be able to help, I'll
     o what does init=31 mean?
        AN2604 say init=0 means always requestor and 31 is reserved but
referenced alot in the F/W comments
     o Need more info on how MORE works
     o Tell us about LCD levels. Only 2? (let's call a LCD indent a level)
       LCD seems to reset DRD to 1A. DRD2B1or2 follow a DRD2A (ext=1)?
     o LCD[28:23]orLCD[20:15] or LCD[11:6] what is extraN?
         drop 101nnn - extraN
         add  1nnnnn - indexN
     o how many DRD2B1[2] can be stacked up?
     o when is/can a LDC Literal used? and how?

Frank Bennett

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