MPC5200 and Bestcomm

Matt Sealey matt at
Tue Aug 14 03:43:55 EST 2007

The current (2.6.22) patchset for the Efika is being held here for
the moment;

That's everything you 'really need' and it's probably the same as
this patch list.

However practically none of it is mainline-worthy at the moment,
Sylvain has detailed too many things he thinks is wrong with it.

I'm having a go with the new ethernet driver patch right now (a
customer asked me for a prebuilt kernel..) so I can get on with
testing that. The most important ones for rewrites besides that
are the AC97 driver (which is a little.. sparse) and actually
using the ATA task.

I'll put in a decent request here for any work on this subject to
please at least attempt to retrieve the tasks from the Efika
firmware rather than replacing them in Linux gratuituously.
I understand this doesn't help the Lite5200 guys.. but.. pretty
please with a cherry on top? :]

Matt Sealey <matt at>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

Jon Smirl wrote:
> Another series is being posted to the Efika boards.
> 0001-powerpc-exports-rheap-symbol-to-modules.patch
> 0002-powerpc-Changes-the-config-mechanism-for-rheap.patch
> 0003-powerpc-ppc32-Update-mpc52xx_psc-structure-with-B-r.patch
> 0004-powerpc-BestComm-core-support-for-Freescale-MPC5200.patch
> 0005-powerpc-BestcComm-ATA-task-support.patch
> 0006-powerpc-BestcComm-FEC-task-support.patch
> 0007-powerpc-BestcComm-GenBD-task-support.patch
> 0008-drivers-net-Add-support-for-Freescale-MPC5200-SoC-i.patch
> 0009-sound-Add-support-for-Freescale-MPC5200-AC97-interf.patch
> 0010-powerpc-In-rheap.c-move-the-EXPORT_SYMBOL-and-use.patch
> 0011-powerpc-BestComm-move-the-EXPORT_SYMBOL-and-use-th.patch
> 0012-powerpc-BestComm-ATA-task-move-the-EXPORT_SYMBOL-a.patch
> 0013-powerpc-BestComm-FEC-task-move-the-EXPORT_SYMBOL-a.patch
> 0014-powerpc-BestComm-GenBD-task-move-the-EXPORT_SYMBOL.patch
> 0015-powerpc-BestComm-Replace-global-variable-bcom-by-b.patch
> 0016-powerpc-Make-the-BestComm-driver-a-standard-of_plat.patch
> 0017-powerpc-Fix-typo-in-BestComm-ATA-task-support-code.patch
> 0018-powerpc-BestComm-ATA-task-microcode-insert-copyri.patch
> 0019-powerpc-BestComm-FEC-task-microcode-insert-copyri.patch
> 0020-powerpc-BestComm-GenBD-task-microcode-insert-copy.patch
> 0021-powerpc-Fix-errors-in-bcom-bcom_eng-renaming.patch
> 0081-mpc52xx-correct-calculation-of-FEC-RX-errors.patch
> 0082-powerpc-pata_mpc52xx-suspend.patch

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