Were to start? With MPC8272 and embedded Linux.

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Thu Aug 9 23:56:40 EST 2007

Hi Channy,

> We're starting a project with an MPC8272 that will eventually be on a custom
> board we are building. 
> Here is a list of things I have:
> - EmbeddedPlanet with MPC8272 but no BSP (do I need one?)

You need a kernel that supports your specific board, yes.  According
to the Embedded Planet web page, there should be a 2.6.10 BSP
available.  This will be based on arch/ppc being dead in less than
twelve months, so for the long term you should start looking for
support for your board in recent kernels, i.e. arch/powerpc.

> - VisionProbe II with VisionClick
> I am planning on using DENX and U-Boot.

Congratulations.  We will be perfectly happy helping you on a
professional basis, but maybe you only want to use our free toolchain
ELDK, though :)

> Can I put a Linux image with the VisionProbe II?

Put where?  In RAM, in flash?  I would think that any self-respecting
JTAG debugger should be capable of doing this, but I only know the


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