suspend/resume (Xilinx V4)

John Williams jwilliams at
Fri Aug 3 09:53:59 EST 2007


Any comments on the status/feasibility of suspend/resume for LinuxPPC on 
Xilinx devices?

The only suspend-related traffic I see here in the last 12 months is for 
the lite5200b board.

Any guesstimates of level of difficulty for such a task on Xilinx 
PPC405?  The core lite5200b patchset didn't look too hairy (just a 
modest bit of ASM :), but there would also be Xilinx device driver hooks 
to consider.

Also, are there kernel revision dependencies here?  Project is currently 
on an MVL 2.6.10 tree - but have seen mention of 2.6.17 (?) being 
earliest with PPC suspend/resume capability.

All info appreciated.  Thanks,


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