Bestcomm Firmware update

Sylvain Munaut tnt at
Fri Mar 31 17:12:23 EST 2006

bennett78 wrote:
> SoSoComm Dudes:
>  I was able to contact Davide Santo, AN2604 "Introduction to
> BestComm". He admitted
> the short commings of his document in the area of Firmware instruction
> info and gave
> me a name of a guy, Ed in the ASIC design area in Austin.  Ed has
> agreed to answer
> questions, push for resources to provide a support tool and provided
> me with a document
> from their head programmer "SmartDMA Hand-Assembly Guides" (see
> attached pdf).

Great document ! At last some documentation ... Thanks very much !

> With this secret decoded ring I was able to put together a
> disassembler, see attached
> disasm.c. Cut and paste your favorite Task into fw[] array at the
> beginning,
> "cc -o d disasm.c ; d"  It's not perfect, but useful- Enjoy.  Sorry
> I'm not
> sure where or if you guys want to check this stuff into a git
> repository, somewhere
> and hope ozlabs is not fussy about attachments!
I can put it on line on a webserver. I guess Freescale gave you
permission to publish
this document ?

> If we can formulate a list of questions Ed might be able to help, I'll
> start:
>    o what does init=31 mean?
>       AN2604 say init=0 means always requestor and 31 is reserved but
> referenced
>       alot in the F/W comments
>    o Need more info on how MORE works
>    o Tell us about LCD levels. Only 2? (let's call a LCD indent a level)
>      LCD seems to reset DRD to 1A. DRD2B1or2 follow a DRD2A (ext=1)?
>    o LCD[28:23]orLCD[20:15] or LCD[11:6] what is extraN?
>        drop 101nnn - extraN
>        add  1nnnnn - indexN
>    o how many DRD2B1[2] can be stacked up?
>    o when is/can a LDC Literal used? and how?

I'll read the document more deeply this week end with the task code
beside me,
try to see if some things are still unclear.


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