Where to define IO ports

Edward Jubenville edjubenville at adelphia.net
Wed Mar 15 06:29:06 EST 2006

Wolfgang Denk had replied:

>> I think you should change the "u-boot".
>NO. Linux stuff should be done in Linux.
>>  - include/configs/IceCube.h
>>  - board/icecube/icecube.h
>> 1st, put a constant like (CFG_CS1_START, CFG_CS1_STOP, CFG_CS1_CFG) to
>> IceCube.h.
>NO again. If you port to your own board, you should create  your  own
>board  configuration  instead  of  messing  with  an existing one for
>another board.

Is there a HOWTO on the subject of "creating my own board configuration"?

Do I put hooks in "make menuconfig" to enable/disable my customizations? 

I'm new to the process of building kernels, and I have been using an
off-the-shelf development board that had a supported configuration, so
my only customizations have been turning on/off preconfigured options. 
Any guidance, or the name of a more appropriate list in which to
post the question would be appreciated.



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