Where to define IO ports

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Hi Ed,

I think you should change the "u-boot".
 - include/configs/IceCube.h
 - board/icecube/icecube.h

1st, put a constant like (CFG_CS1_START, CFG_CS1_STOP, CFG_CS1_CFG) to
And then, write some code to configure registers like (MPC5XXX_CS0_START,

After that, you will be able to use ioremap() in your driver.

>We have added a peripheral to the LocalPlus bus, and I'm trying to figure
Is this address kernel space?
If this is so, you have to change "TEXT_BASE" in u-boot's Makefile and etc.

    Akihiro Iseno

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We are building a board similar to the Freescale Lite5200 (IceCube) board,
using ELDK 3.0 with Linux 2.4.25.

We have added a peripheral to the LocalPlus bus, and I'm trying to figure
out how to modify the kernel startup code to define a memory address range
and generate the proper chip select signal.

Can someone point me to where that sort of thing is done in the kernel


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