USB flashdrive on Motorola MPC5200 (IceCube) board, linux ker nel 2.4.25 (DENX drop)

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Sat Jul 29 07:31:13 EST 2006

Dear Orges,

in message <162B449665D6D643AD9E1D50FC6F4B14042F1C97 at> you wrote:
> Are you just trying one specific type opf USB device,  or  does  this
> happen with several 5 or more) different devices?
> We tried 6 different USB flash drives:

Argh... your message is very difficult to read, as there is no
difference between your text and mine. Please see

Also, please don't send separate mesages to the original  poster  and
the mailing list; use Cc: instead.

> Are there any flashdrives that are known to always work?		

I don't dare to say "always" ;-)

But if you tested so many devices, and none of them is working,  then
this is probably an indication of another problem.

Do you have  a  chance  to  try  a  different  board?  Did  you  ever
succesfully  use  *any*  USB  device  on your board? Maybe there is a
hardware problem on your system.

Ummm... stupid question: is the green LED behind the USB connector on
your board on or off?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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