reboot on PQ2FADS board.

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> Subject: reboot on PQ2FADS board.
> Hi:
>     I have linux 2.4.30 runnning on this board, the "reboot -f"
> command cause machine check and kernel ooops.  The problem seems in
> the "m8260_gorom" in head.S.  The restart() function in m8260_setup.c
> passed 2 parameters to that assembly code, r3 is the bd_info , r4 is
> the warm start address,  I changed it to 0xFF800100, that's where the
> u-boot's _start_warm lives, I have verified that address by typing "g
> ff800100" in u-boot console, which cause the board reset.

Are you sure ff800100 is _start_warm lives?  In latest u-boot
_start_warm is at
EXC_OFF_SYS_RESET + 0x10.  In your case, that will be 0xff800110.
Please try
with the correct address.

>     I assume the m8260_gorom  has been heavily tested for other
> boards. I wonder if anyone got a PQ2FADS-VR board that has the similar
> problem?  I am not familar with the assembly code for PPC.  Any
> suggestions?
> Thanks
> lei
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