Linux on Virtex4

Aleš Gorkič ales.gorkic at
Wed Jul 12 23:12:32 EST 2006

Hi Rick,

I saw on linuxppc-embedded at that you are trying to port (or better you did) monta vista linux to Avnet's V4FX Mini-Module. I will try to deal with the same thing. My design is basically the same: all features of MM incorporated in CoreConnect style architecture. I also tried with Multi Port Memory Controller (MPMC2) and ported (memory works, but for LAN I still need phy datasheet) the Gigabit System Reference Design (GSRD2) to Mini-Module.
By using the MPMC2 memory core you can connect PPC directly to memory using two PLBs (data and instruction separated). This way you might solve the CPU cache errata. The problem with MPMC2 is that it consumes A LOT of BRAM and logic. I tried to build a full featured system, but V4FX12 lacks logic for the purpose.
Is there a way that you can help me with running MV linux on my system?


Ales Gorkic

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