Xilinx BSP for linux 2.6

Ming Liu eemingliu at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 6 22:49:27 EST 2006

Dear Ameet,
Now I am using your patch for SystemACE in Linux 2.6. My linux version is 
2.6.16-rc5 and I have applied the patch for SystemACE and Temac. 

When I generate BSP in EDK, how can I implement it in my linux kernel? I 
know the EDK BSP is for Linux 2.4 and the directory stucture is the same as 
2.4(e.g. arch/ppc/platform/xilinx_ocp/......) But in 2.6, the directory 
tree is different and I cannot simply copy and replace the original files 
there. Also, there is a file called xparameters_ml403.h in Linux kernel but 
in BSP there is only xparameters_ml300.h. Shall I rename the 
xparameters_ml300 as ml403, or configure the board as ml300 in menuconfig? 
In these xparameters files, the peripheral addresses are defined. How can I 
include these xparameters defination in the kernel? It looks complicate and 
you didn't mention how to replace these files in your article. So if you 
can provide some guidance, I will appreciate a lot because it will save me 
much time. 

By the way, I am still waiting for the last part of your article. Where are 
they? :)

Thanks for your help.


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