Xilinx SystemACE driver for 2.6

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Sat Jul 1 06:07:30 EST 2006

Yes. I noticed that in the original demo Linux of MontaVista shipped by 
Xilinx for ML403, there is no swap partition. 


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>On 6/30/06, Ameet Patil <ammubhai at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Here is PART I of the article:

>>Let me know if you get messages at boot time after following the 
>Quick comment on your article; unless you're using a microdrive;
>*PLEASE* don't recommend using compact flash as swap space.  Flash
>technology has limited write cycles (on the order of 100k to 1M 
>per block).  Using it as swap is a great way to kill the lifecycle 
>your device.
>(the ML300 ships with a microdrive; the ML40x ships with a regular 
>CF card)
>I know the previous article also recommends a swap partition, but
>Linux will happily run without swap.
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