[PATCH] Big combined patch for ml403 with OCP, ENET.

Jan Vermeulen (Mind) janvm at mind.be
Sat Jan 7 01:48:32 EST 2006

Hello all,

This is my first patch.

It is rather big.

It's for the Xilinx Virtex4 based ref board ml403.

Based on the work of Grant Likely, David H. Lynch Jr. and on the code
from Montavista and Xilinx, I made a big patch including everything,
including my own work to port the OCP and Ethernet driver to the kernel.

I started work on the SysACE driver, but this is a bit more work, as it
isn't using the granulary locking for block drivers as can be found in
the 2.6 kernels.

The gzipped patch (~165kB) can be found here:

If I have more time in the future, I'll add support for sound, gpio, ...

Best regards,
Jan Vermeulen

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