2 Ethernet port operating in a PPC405EP system

Otto Solares solca at guug.org
Thu Aug 31 04:23:03 EST 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 09:17:20PM +0800, Chun Chung Lo wrote:
> I know my source code is vert old. But since there are lots of
> applications developed base on this 2 sets of source code, if the kernel
> and U-Boot needs to change, the above applications (tons of codes) also
> need to revise ... (lots of multimedia players, drivers, and other
> supporting tools). My team cannot afford such great change.
> So I say "update is not recommended" ...

Hopefully your product will say:

"buy this product is not recommended" :)

Don't repeat the same mistake as the MediaMVP, it uses the same
processor and same kernel version, it sucks badly...


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