"ip=" command line strangeness...

Dan Malek dan at embeddedalley.com
Sat Aug 26 05:32:59 EST 2006

On Aug 25, 2006, at 3:18 PM, T Ziomek wrote:

>> please provide the ip-commandline in the full-size format
>> ip=<my ip>:<server ip>:<host ip>:<net mask>:<hostname>:<which  
>> ethernet port, e.g. "eth0">
> The port should be followed by ":<autoconf>", right?  I'm basing  
> that on
> Documentation/nfsroot.txt .

Documentation is out of date.  After the port number should be
one of:
	off | none
	on | any
	dhcp | bootp | rarp

I usually use 'on' or 'any' to cause the autoconfig to happen.

> Meh...that string is so bloody long I don't want to bother trying  
> it since
> I know that "ip=<my IP>:gibberish" works well enough...

If you run a dhcp server (which I do), all you need is 'ip=any'.
If you are really doing the configuration with all of those options
on the command line, you have to use 'off' after the port
identifier or it will try to contact a server using one of the
configured protocols (dhcp, bootp. rarp) to get the information.

	-- Dan

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