CompactFlash on PQII Pro

Kumar Gala galak at
Sat Aug 26 02:39:28 EST 2006

On Aug 24, 2006, at 1:35 PM, Ben Warren wrote:

> Kumar,
> On Thu, 2006-08-24 at 13:25 -0500, Kumar Gala wrote:
>> The only code in u-boot was the UPM setup code, I'm happy to send
>> that to you.
> If it's no trouble, that would be great.  My HW guy is calculating the
> settings, but this stuff can be frustrating to debug.  BTW - was the
> system bus speed for your CPU 33 or 66 MHz?  We're targeting for a
> 400MHz 8349 which has a 33MHz system bus.

I think we were running @ 66Mhz, but I've run the FSL ref board @ 33MHZ.

- k

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