pci_id_table and mid_idsel?

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Please self study the existing source code. It can help you.


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	Subject: pci_id_table and mid_idsel?
	Can someone please explain me pci_irq_table and how to select
the value of min_idsel , max_idsel for my 85xx boards?
	I am facing issues in registering the interrupt handler.
	On what basis we have to select the min_idsel and max_idsel
	Currently common_swizzle function retuns slot number 11, if I
hard-code the value of 11 in the min_idsel and max_idsel because I have
only one slot, I am able to register the interrupt handler.
	PCI_SLOT in common_swizzle returns 11 because device function
number (devfn) has value of 88  ( I am wondering why 88 instead of from
	(( 88>> 8) && 0x1f) = 11
	Since max functions we can have 8. (0-7). Why OS assign the
value of 88 inside?
	Configuration transaction uses only 3 bits of function number in
the CONFIG_ADDRESS as per PCI local bus specification 2.2.
	Parav Pandit


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