Linux hanging on Xilinx SystemACE

Grant Likely grant.likely at
Thu Aug 17 09:28:54 EST 2006

On 8/16/06, Jeff Angielski <jangiels at> wrote:
> And like somebody else mentioned, if you are really going to use this
> for an embedded system, you are going to want to rethink your
> partitioning scheme.
> Maybe something like:
> p1 fat12 - kernel and binary image
> p2 ext2 - read only rootfs
> p3 ext3 - non volatile, slow rate data rootfs
> p4 tmpfs - volatile, high rate data rootfs

Or, if you have enough ram (and a small enough rootfs footprint); put
the rootfs into an initramfs and leave the CF alone entirely after
boot.  On small systems, I store all config parameters in a flat file
on the fat partition, and only write it out when it needs to save a
new configuration.  That way the entire system consists of three
files; a kernel, a rootfs image and a config file.  Makes managing
updates very easy.  :)


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