Can red hat linux be ported to Power PC ???????????????

Andy Gospodarek andy at
Tue Aug 15 03:24:32 EST 2006

On 8/14/06, Guy Streeter <streeter at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 22:26 +0530, Ujwal wrote:
> > hi all,
> >
> > can red hat linux(2.4 kernel with a the .config file of ML310 board )
> > be ported to PowerPC on a development board?
> The ppc arch of the kernel tree was not well maintained in the Red Hat
> kernel source for the release that used the 2.4 kernel (Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux 3).
> I would be surprised if it built, and I'm fairly certain it would not
> run.
> That being said, Red Hat makes a business in developing its products for
> other platforms and might consider the work on a contract basis.
> --Guy Streeter

Is there a particular reason to use a RedHat kernel?

I would suggest using the ELDK (from if you are looking for a
stable kernel on which to base your product/project.


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