U-boot on ML403

Frank D Lombardo lombardo at mdivac.com
Sat Aug 12 01:14:23 EST 2006

Ming Liu wrote:
> Dear Frank,
> I know you are using U-boot on ML403 now. So can you say something
> about how to configure U-boot as ML403 board? I noticed that in U-boot
> 1.1.4, there is only ML300 supported. So if I want to configure the
> board as ML403 and some other customed options(e.g. no EEPROM), what
> shall I do? Thanks for your help.
> Regards
> Ming


I received an updated version of the Xilinx xapp542 directly from
Xilinx. We had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they would send
it to me. This update provided the necessary pieces to allow XPS to
generate a U-Boot "BSP" and a modified U-Boot tree with support for
additional mlXXX boards.

I would recommend contacting Xilinx for this. Sorry I can't be of
greater assistance.


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