ioctl() hangs in Lite5200b FEC driver?

Parav Pandit paravpandit at
Fri Aug 4 20:17:58 EST 2006


1. Is drivers/net/fec.c is the correct driver for the
Lite5200B board in 2.6.x?

2. If yes, it doesn't have any implementation for
do_ioctl() call.
In my case ifconfig tries to set the IFF_RUNNING |
IFF_UP flag using SIOCGIFFLAGS ioctl cmd, but my
ifconfig utility hangs in the ioctl().
Can some one tell me why does it hang?
Can some one tell me, when do_ioctl() is not
implemented by the driver, than which default function
gets called by the system?

Parav Pandit

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