8247 usb host driver of kernel 2.6.12 with cpm2usb patched

liyaoshi liyaoshi at 21cn.com
Tue Aug 1 18:47:26 EST 2006

Hello guys
		I have a board of 8247 ,I have get it run with kernel patched with cpm2usb 
		It seems the irq of usb in 8247 dont work
		the proc looks like the follow 

			bash-3.00# cat /proc/interrupts 
			 11:          0   CPM2 SIU  Level     m82xxhci
			 32:          0   CPM2 SIU  Level     fenet
			 33:      72876   CPM2 SIU  Level     fenet
			 40:        389   CPM2 SIU  Level     cpm_uart
			BAD:       5611                                               

		And I have seen the same question in the mail list , somebody just say set the correct USBCLK,
		i modify the board_configure and setup_usb_clock function   , and i make sure the usbclock is correct set

        The chipset looks like of Version A.0 

			bash-3.00# cat /proc/cpuinfo 
			processor       : 0
			cpu             : G2_LE
			revision        : 1.4 (pvr 8082 2014)
			bogomips        : 177.15 

		Any other Thing should I modify to generate the usb interrupt ? 

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