U-Boot and kernel 2.6

Dmitry Chichkov chichkov at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 15:12:45 EST 2006

Hi Ricardo,

I would recommend not to try old versions of U-Boot ("from 2.4") with new 
linux kernels ("2.6").
We had some troubles with invalid memory mappings in this configuration.

-- Regards, Dmitry Chichkov

"Ricardo DIz" <rdiz at alumni.deec.uc.pt> ???????/???????? ? ???????? 
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> Hi,
> I'm trying to boot a custom 860T board using the latest kernel from
> linuxppc-2.5. The board is currently using a variation of an old version
> of U-Boot (0.2.0) along with a hacked 2.4.20 linux kernel version.
> My first aim is to boot a simple kernel and make it get to a shell. For
> that I compiled the kernel, but did not compiled u-boot with a recent
> version.
> When booting, the kernel got uncompressed, but then it resets! I presume
> the watchdog (which is enabled), is resetting the processor, so I guess
> booting just stalls. Was there any changes in the way parameters were
> received by the kernel since 2.4.20?
> Oh, I forgot to mention the compiler. I'm still using a gcc 2.95
> cross-compiler, altough I tried using a gcc 3.2 cross-compiler for the
> 8260 once, but got the same result.
> I followed a recent thread very similar to this, but that turned out to be
> just a matter of UART configuration, and I don't thinks this is the case.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ricardo Diz
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