PPC 405GPr support in linux 2.4.32

Stephen Williams steve at icarus.com
Fri Apr 28 02:48:42 EST 2006

Stephen Williams wrote:
> ... seems completely missing in the linux-2.3.32 tree from kernel.org.
> This used to be in the linuxppc-2.4 BK tree that no longer exists, so
> what happened to the ppc405GPr support?!

The attached patch adds the ibm405gpr support files from various
places and adds the core support to Linux 2.4. Although this diff
was done relative Marcelo's git tree, it actually touches no C files,
only a few config and make files (Plus it adds the gpr support c/h
files) so it should apply to any recent 2.4 kernel tree.

I'm almost ready with a patch that does a similar thing with
the SystemACE driver.

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