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In message <20060427160755.24553.qmail at web37812.mail.mud.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> Sorry if this may seem basic to some but is there anything I need to
> know about the format of the u-boot.bin? I want to write a program to

It's a raw binary image. Just data.

> burn the flash on the MPC8349 via the PCI interface. Just not sure
> where to get info on binary file format and if there is anything
> unique about the binary created from u-boot.

Why not using a JTAG debugger?

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Can you please mind the netiquette? I. e. no HTML postings,  trimming
to line length to some 70 characters or so, etc.

Also, you should have posted on the u-boot-users list; your  question
is actually off topic here.

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