PPC 405GPr support in linux 2.4.32

Matt Porter mporter at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Apr 27 09:35:40 EST 2006

On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 04:19:23PM -0700, Stephen Williams wrote:
> ... seems completely missing in the linux-2.3.32 tree from kernel.org.
> This used to be in the linuxppc-2.4 BK tree that no longer exists, so
> what happened to the ppc405GPr support?!

There's some stuff that never got submitted upstream to kernel.org
during 2.4 due partially to 2.5 appearing. All upstream devel
moved to 2.5/2.6 and no effort was made to merge stuff from the
linuxppc-2.4 tree to linux-2.4. Oh, and Marcelo didn't want
to take "new stuff" into linux-2.4 at that time either.

There's still rsync://source.mvista.com/linuxppc-2.4 available with
the 405gpr/sycamore support.


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