Xilinx Virtex-2 PRO FPGA ppc 405 on ML310 board

Vincent Winstead vwinstead at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 26 08:21:06 EST 2006

Ok, so all that worked - it WAS necessary to choose  "[*] Default all settings (lose changes)" in order for it to work though.  Without this option checked I needed to add information and variables and constants and definitions that were not added into necessary files after make menuconfig and make dep were completed.  
   But I still have nothing working with the ML310 board.  I did a "dow image.elf" at the XMD command prompt, then "con" and it showed up with a "RUNNING>" prompt, but nothing showed up on the hyperterminal window.  I compiled using 115200 baud and I changed my hyperterminal to match this, but nothing shows up ...at all.  Where do you think I would need to start looking to resolve this issue?  

Aidan Williams <aidan at nicta.com.au> wrote: 
After generating a new auto-config.in using the BSP,
you'll need to:

   0. put new auto-config.in into kernel directory

   1. change to the top uClinux-dist directory
      (*NOT* the kernel directory)

   2. In "Vendor/Product Selection  --->"
      Choose "Xilinx"
      Choose "powerpc-auto"

   3. In "Kernel/Library/Defaults Selection  --->"
      Choose linux-2.4.x as your kernel, making sure that
      this is a symlink to or copy of the linuxppc-2.4
      tarball from UQ.

   4. In "Kernel/Library/Defaults Selection  --->"
      Choose "[*] Default all settings (lose changes)"

   5. Save and quit..

This process will pull in default Xilinx/powerpc config
files from vendors/Xilinx/powerpc-auto/config.*
for the kernel and for other uClinux components.

It will also generate a new linux-2.4.x/.config
based on your auto-config.in and the defaults
in vendors/Xilinx/powerpc-auto/config.linux-2.4.x.

btw, I don't have an ML310 board.  I have however gotten
the UQ kernel + uclinux to work on a v2pro FF1152 board
and a virtex-4 FX-12 minimodule.

another btw, the linuxppc-2.4 code has an auto-config.in
inside it which, if you follow the above steps (without
doing step 0), should compile.  The supplied auto-config.in
won't match your board, but it should at least compile.

- aidan

Vincent Winstead wrote:
> guess what - I got the BSP to work!  But now I have a problem with the 
> make command.  I put the auto-config.in where it needs to be then I did 
> a make menuconfig to configure it, then I did a make dep, but when I did 
> a make is when  an error came up that I can't seem to figure out:
> In file included from 
> /home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4/include/linux/pagemap.h:16,
>                  from 
> /home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4/include/linux/locks.h:8,
>                  from 
> /home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4/include/linux/blk.h:5,
>                  from init/main.c:25:
> /home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4/include/linux/highmem.h: In 
> function `kmap':
> /home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4/include/linux/highmem.h:68: 
> error: `CONFIG_KERNEL_START' undeclared (first use in this function)
> init/main.c: In function `start_kernel':
> init/main.c:393: error: `CONFIG_KERNEL_START' undeclared (first use in 
> this function)
> make[1]: *** [init/main.o] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ml310_linux/uClinux-dist/linuxppc-2.4'
> make: *** [linux] Error 1
> This CONFIG_KERNEL_START is the problem.  It doesn't seem to be defined 
> anywhere and I guess it needs to be.  Is this something I need to get 
> from somewhere?  Or is it maybe generated along with the BSP so I would 
> have to put a start number into the platform Studio configuration?
> -Vincent
> */Aidan Williams /* wrote:
>     Vincent Winstead wrote:
>      > Now, as far as step 5, am I supposed to have a symbolic link that is
>      > named linux-2.4.x placed into the uClinux-dist directory? Because
>      > there's already a folder named linux-2.4.x which was in there
>     already
>      > when I untarred everything. At the command prompt in the
>     uClinux-dist
>      > directory I entered the following line:
>      >
>      > ln -s ../linuxppc-2.4 linux-2.4.x
>      >
>      > and the result of this operation was to put a symbolic link into my
>      > linuxppc-2.4 directory with the name of linux-2.4.x - is this
>     correct?
>      >
>     First, you'll need to move the existing directory aside using
>     a command like:
>     mv linux-2.4.x linux-2.4.x-dist
>     and then re-run the ln -s command above.
>      > Now on to Step 6 problem.
>      > How am I supposed to make use uClinux EDK Board Support Package 1.0
>      > files? I'm not sure how to go about using them in the Xilinx
>     Platform
>      > Studio in order to generate the necessary auto-config.in file.
>      >
>     See the document below for the general approach:
>      > Even though it is about the microblaze rather than
>      > the PPC, a helpful "getting started" document is:
>      >
>     http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~wu/downloads/uClinux_ready_Microblaze_design.pdf
>      >
>     Look particularly at the section "Software Platform Settings"
>     on page 29, steps 67,68.
>     If you are not overly familiar with the EDK, it would
>     be best to find someone locally who can help walk you
>     through the process of generating a system.
>     - aidan
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