[PATCH] fix cpm_uart driver for PQ1...

Vitaly Bordug vbordug at ru.mvista.com
Wed Apr 26 02:57:03 EST 2006


Sorry haven't noticed you submit once working on series.

> Hi,
> This patch fixes the following three problems:
> 1. Memory mapping virtual<-->dma is broken in the case that 

Due to broken address translation, I used Kenneth work as a base. I'd
appreciate if you take a look/comment (CPM_UART: Fixed odd address
translations). Mostly it did the same as your patch/Kenneth work (so I
think it will be fair enough to put your both signed-off lines in there
as well - just let me know you do not object).

> 2. SCC uart sends a break sequence each time it is stopped with the 
> CPM_CR_STOP_TX command. That means that each time an application closes the 
> serial device, a break is transmitted.

Can you please rebase it with my series applied? I'll submit it as incremental to my series then.
I am maintaining this part, and trying to make it better :).

> 3. Implemented default BRG routing for PQ1 (in the same sense as it is done 
> for PQ2).

All ioport things are board-specific and should reside in BSP code (I'm pretty sure nobody will object...) - the BSP patch has examples how to do that. Though the legacy behavior it retaining,
I claim it as "no longer supported " and encourage board port owners to do minor changes in board-specific code and have cpm_uart operate on platform-device basis.

> Signed-off-by: David Jander


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